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Help & Support

We're here to help. Get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can, or use our articles below that are specifically designed to help you share your ideas faster.

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Upload your Files. Its easy.

Jetdrop allows instant drag and drop of a single file or multiple files right into the Jetdrop webpage. Alternatively, you can click the big green '+' button to add your files. Files are automatically secured and uploaded to our secure servers. You can upload a single file, or multiple files all in one go!

Help Image

Click Share. While uploading.

You will notice as soon as your upload begins, you will be able to share your upload. This is Jetdrop’s smart RealTime file sharing. RealTime sharing allows you to share your upload before it's even finished uploading! Just click on the share button, then copy the link. You can give this link to anyone and they can start downloading right away. (As you are uploading!)

Help Image

Download the Files.

Once you have shared and browsed over to your upload link you can begin download the file by clicking the download button. Your recipient can begin download the file as soon as they receive the link, they can even start downloading the file before you have fully uploaded it. Downloads are in RealTime.

Help Image

Top Rated Questions

Once you have shared and browsed over to your upload link you can begin download the file by clicking the download button. Your recipient can begin download the file as soon as they receive the link, they can even start downloading the file before you have fully uploaded it. Downloads are in RealTime.

Can I delete an Upload?

Uploads are private and secured by you with the URL and Encryption key. Currently there is no way to force a file to be removed from our service. Uploads are automatically removed after 7 days. The only way to access your file is to access the upload via the link generated on upload - without it the upload will be lost forever.

How much does it cost?

Jetdrop Lite is free. There is no cost to use the service. 100% Free.

What file types does Jetdrop Support?

All file types. We don’t discriminate. We don’t know what you are sharing, it's encrypted before it leaves your device. That includes file names.

I have lost my encryption key. Can you recover it?

Because all transfer encryption happens before the data leaves and the decryption keys are only on your device, it is not possible to recover the keys. Without the keys the data is lost.


General Data Protection Regulation

Our Commitment to GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of rules and measures to enhance the privacy rights of users. As of May 25, 2018, GDPR has become a standard of privacy. Jetdrop was built on the foundation of GDPR.

Jetdrop and GDPR Image

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation is framework designed to address data protection and privacy concerns for all users within the EU, European Union. It also addresses the transportation of personal information to countries outside of the EU. In short GDPR is a regulation designed to keep your personal information safe and gives you the necessary understanding of where and how your personal information is being used.

Learn more

We make it our mission to respect and protect your privacy.

Our Legal and security specialists dedicate themselves to making sure our platform has taken each and every step to protect your personal and account information and meet full GDPR compliance.

Simple Collection

We only collect the bear minimum of information for you to use the service and to pay for the service. We don’t want to know all of your personal information.

Be Forgotten

We remove all of your personal and account related information that we collected when you discontinue the use of our services. We do not keep your data for a rainy day.

Right to Choose

We give you the right to confirm how your information is processed, where and for what purpose. We don’t run off and do funky things with your information.

Blinded by Design

Designing Jetdrop to provide the most private and secure sharing platform is to create a blinded model. Neither Jetdrop or any of our service providers will ever have access to your data. All encryption keys are secured on your device, which means that you are the one in control always. We, and all service providers are blind to what you share through our service.

On the Client-Side

Since our beginning, encryption has been the benchmark for security. By using Jetdrop, all communication through our service, files, data and requests are encrypted on your device before it leaves. All Uploaded data is encrypted upon transfer, with unique security keys that you create automatically. We have taken the very best banking security, using AES 256Bit Encryption, and built it into our file sharing and collaboration platform.


Bigfile Transfer. Fast!

Simple, easy to use file sharing that’s secure and instant. Share large files and folders using realtime sharing, all secured with end-to-end encryption.

About Image

Private, Encrypted and Secure.

Keep Key Image

You keep the keys

Designed to be secure, private and fast. Unlike other providers we don’t snoop around in your files. All files and folders are secured with strong encryption before they are transferred, with encryption keys that remain on your device, you choose who has access to your data.

We can't see. It's impossible

Jetdrop allows users to share their large creative pieces in any formatted file to anyone in an instant. Our magical technology allows files to be shared in Real-Time, removing the wait for a file to upload, and then download.

Impossible Image
Speed Pro's Image

Lightning Fast

Using more available bandwidth and connecting multiple secure channels, Jetdrop can transfer encrypted files and folders faster, all backed by the fastest preforming cloud infrastructure in the world. Jetdrop moves files fast.

Sky's the Limit

Making it easy to share lots of files and folders instantly, you can simply share one, ten, or 1,000 files, all in realtime and all secured using end-to-end encryption. Just drag and drop your files with Jetdrop.

All At Once Image
Encryption Image One

AES 256Bit Encryption

Jetdrop allows users to share their large creative pieces in any formatted file to anyone in an instant. Our magical technology allows files to be shared in Real-Time, removing the wait for a file to upload, and then download.

Encryption Image Two
Original, Originals Image

Original, Originals.

Unlike other providers we don’t change or lower the quality of your files, there are no space saving techniques that destroy the original nature and artistic vision of your work. Your work is secured and encrypted on your device ensuring that it will remain untouched and original.

Drag, Drop. Anything

Images, Videos, Documents, Designs - share it all securely and without lowering the quality of the original files. Jetdrop does not limit the type of files shared, any and all extensions work, first time, every-time.

Drag Drop Image

Jetdrop Pro

Say Hello to Privacy.

The simple way to share any file to anyone. Private, Secure and in Real Time. Also designed to be fast! Reach transfer speeds upto 1Gb/s *

Go Pro
Pro Workspace Image

Privacy at Speed

Lightning Fast. Reach transfer speeds upto 1Gb/s *

Jetdrop Pro is designed for Privacy at Speed, to enable you share without limits. Our custom transfer engine moves more data and unlocks more bandwidth potential.

Tracked and Traced Files Image
File Versioning Image


Whether you’re a team or a creative individual, create your own pro team with a custom Jetdrop URL. Customize the look and feel by selecting an award winning background image from our gallery, or by uploading your own. Mix and match backgrounds to make your page ready for the big time.

100 GB (Giga-gigantic)

Transfer a whopping 100 GB in Real-Time. Recipients can begin downloading the second after you start the transfer! You can finally share the larger things in life, all in an instant.

Right Click and Share Image
Keep Key Image

Controlled Access. Before and After.

Sent the wrong file to someone? Remove access, set passwords, customize delete dates and manage your file from end-to-end.


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Jetdrop Pro is a Modern, fully integrated workspace that is designed to securely share your work to other professionals in a simple and effective way. Manage and track distribution of data no matter where you are.

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